Healthy Hair

For maximum health of your hair, visit Kenya:
– Monthly for deep conditioning treatments
– Every 6-8 weeks for a trim
– Every 8-10 weeks for a relaxer retouch
– Regularly for a hair strength and health analysis
– Anytime you notice a change in hair health

More tips:
• Get the ends of your hair trimmed every two to four weeks to minimize split-ends and maintain healthy hair. You don’t need to drastically clip them, but approximately 1/4 inch should be sufficient.
• Use a moisture rich shampoo (especially if you have colored your hair) to maintain moisture and manageability.
• To protect your hair from chlorine, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hairline and wear a swimming cap. Always rinse your hair thoroughly after your day of fun in the sun and shampoo as soon as possible.
• Your hair should be relaxed every 8-12 weeks but for those who maintain shorter styles, more frequent relaxing may be necessary. As a rule, it’s best to wait until you have at least an inch of new-growth before having your hair touched-up. This way you should be able to distinguish between the new-growth and the rest of your hair.
• Sleep with a satin scarf because it helps maintain a better moisture balance than cotton fabrics.

“Ms. Kenya is an excellent stylist. Since I have been coming to her she has done a great miracle to my hair. ” Linda A